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Trade Shares, Bonds, ETFs and Funds in over 35 markets in Realtime as low as €9.99 per trade.

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CC TraderTM

  • Personal Service

    Our online clients are not simply a number, we provide our clients with a dedicated investment advisor, online messaging support direct to our trading desk, phone support and much more.

  • All investments, single platform

    Via our proprietary platform you can invest in virtually any Bond, Share, ETF, Fund or Treasury Bill listed on any exchange in the world. Manage all your investments from one place.

  • Low Cost & Transparent

    We are proud to offer a low cost and transparent fee structure. Our rates are easy to understand and we are one of the few brokers who do not charge any type of custody, nominee, monthly, inactivity or hidden charges! With CC Trader™, what you see is what you get.

  • Established

    Calamatta Cuschieri has invested in the Global Markets since 1972, with a proven track record our clients can invest with the confidence. Find out more about us here.

  • 100% Web Based & Secure Access

    Access our platform from any computer in the world using our Vasco Secure Key. No download or installation is required.