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Ongoing Markets Commentary: The COVID Effect

By CCTrader - November 27, 2020 | comment/s

The markets just reached all-time highs in the midst of a recession. So far the rally in the market was not broad-based with healthcare and information technology leading the way. The unprecedented monetary and fiscal stimulus and hopes of a vaccine are helping the market look beyond the current spike in cases. With the US […]


3.7% Secured Bonds 2023 – GAP Group plc

By CCTrader - November 24, 2020 | comment/s

GAP Group plc (“the Issuer”) has announced the issuance of €21,000,000 3.7% Secured Bond 2023 – 2025, having a nominal value of €100 per Bond which shall be issued at par. Business Overview: The GAP Group is involved in the acquisition and development of real estate properties. Following the success achieved in other development projects, […]


CCTrader launches new platform and public roadmap

By CCTrader - July 23, 2020 | comment/s

  CCTrader, the award-winning trading platform that is powered by the Calamatta Cuschieri Group has announced the launch of several new and improved features that are now available on the platform. A new desktop version has now been launched and will completely replace the previous version by the end of the 2020. New versions for […]


4% Unsecured Bonds 2030 – Cablenet Communication Systems Ltd (GO plc)

By CCTrader - | comment/s

Cablenet Communication Systems Limited through its parent company GO plc has announced the issuance of €40,000,000 4% unsecured bonds redeemable in 2030 having a nominal value of €100 per Bond which shall be issued at par. 4% Cablenet 2030 Preferred Applicants available to GO plc employees and existing shareholders with a minimum investment of €2,000 […]


5.5% Unsecured Bonds 2023 – Mediterranean Investments Holding plc

By CCTrader - July 6, 2020 | comment/s

Mediterranean Investments Holding p.l.c. (the “Issuer”) has announced the issuance of €20,000,000 5.5% Unsecured Bonds 2023, having a nominal value of €100 per Bond which shall be issued at par guaranteed by Corinthia Palace Hotel Company Limited. These bonds are available for subscription as follows: To holders of the Maturing Bonds in respect of any […]