Security Tips to stay safe when using CCTrader

Security Tips

Strictest Confidentiality

We never ask clients to provide us with username, password or security code.

Do not give your CCTrader login details, telephone numbers or e-mail to anyone.

Do not respond to any e-mail requesting such information.

Received an e-mail message which you believe to be fraudulent:

  • Do not respond to the email
  • Do not click any link included in this email
  • Contact our Helpdesk and Delete the e-mail on confirmation.

You can help to prevent such emails from reaching your mailbox by adopting the following measures.

  • Setup a spam filter in your e-mail inbox
  • Setup phishing site prevention within your Web Browser

Making 100% sure you’re on the right site

CCTrader uses SSL encryption which is identified by the address bar of the site beginning with “https://”

A Calamatta Cuschieri webpage must be located in the following domain ONLY: