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New Investment Seminar – How to build a fund portfolio

By CCTrader - June 8, 2017 | comment/s

Capital markets keep on gaining positive momentum, in turn, making investors wealthier. However, it is also true that nowadays markets are becoming increasingly complex to understand. Inexperienced investors need not shy away from investing their savings just because they do not have the technical skills required to trade the markets. The aim of this seminar […]


Equity Seminar

By CCTrader - February 3, 2017 | comment/s

The Equity Investment Seminar is Now Fully Booked. To add your name to the waiting list or to register for future seminars please send an email to [email protected]  Investing in global companies via equities (stocks) is one of the ways to achieve potential long-term growth within an investment portfolio. History has shown that equities can […]


How investing in funds can improve your portfolio performance

By CCTrader - April 8, 2016 | comment/s

How investing in funds can improve your portfolio performance The first quarter of 2016 was characterised by large swings in the financial markets due to concerns on global growth. Markets have become much more complicated over the years a simple ‘buy and hold strategy’ is not always the best option to generate positive returns in […]