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New Investment Seminar – How to build a fund portfolio

By CCTrader - June 8, 2017 | comment/s

Capital markets keep on gaining positive momentum, in turn, making investors wealthier. However, it is also true that nowadays markets are becoming increasingly complex to understand.

Inexperienced investors need not shy away from investing their savings just because they do not have the technical skills required to trade the markets. The aim of this seminar is to educate the general public about investing in funds, enabling them to make an informed decision on how to invest their savings for the future.

The first part of this investment seminar will focus on explaining the benefits of investing in funds as well as the different types of funds available with particular reference to UCITS funds.

The second part of the seminar will explain step by step all that investors need to know in order to make an informed decision and feel comfortable to build a diversified fund portfolio.

The presenter will conclude the seminar by giving a macroeconomic outlook of the markets as well as take questions from the floor. We invite everyone attending to participate in Q&A sessions. When registering online, you can also submit your questions and the speaker will do his utmost to answer these questions during the seminar.

A team of Investment Advisors will also be available for questions during breaks and for one to one sessions at the end of the seminar.

A copy of the agenda will be available soon.

For more information about this seminar, please call on 25 688 688. If you wish to register, please fill in the form below or click here. This seminar is available on a first come first served basis.