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Accessing the financial markets has never been easier thanks to our low-cost and clear fee structure with no hidden fees and rates starting from €9.99 per trade.

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A debt security under which the issuer owes the holders a debt and is obliged to pay them interest and at times repay the principal at a later date, bonds are an important piece of any diversified portfolio. Ideal for spreading risk, they tend to be less volatile and offer the highest and most reliable cash streams. 

Bond TypeFees
Malta Stock Exchange NomineeEUR 9.99 / 0.10%
Malta Stock Exchange CertificatedEUR 15.00 / 0.30%
Malta Stock Exchange Initial Public Offerings (IPO)No Charge
International BondsEUR 9.99 / 0.10%
International Bond CustodyNo Charge


We offer a full range of over local and foreign bonds which can be traded live on our award winning online trading platform CCTrader.

Choose from a large array of investments

We provide you with direct access to thousands of Bonds including Eurobonds & Domestic Bonds. Choose from a wide selection of Sovereign Bonds (Government), Corporate Bonds & Treasury Bills in all major currencies.

Competitive rates

We access the markets directly, to ensure that you obtain the best possible price in the market at any point in time. We are proud to offer a low cost and transparent fee structure. Our rates are easy to understand and we are one of the few brokers who do not charge any type of custody, nominee, monthly, inactivity or hidden charges!

Bond Tools

We offer a variety of powerful tools to help you monitor your investments and manage your strategies.

  • Bond Lists – You can view predefined lists of attractive Bonds in various categories such as Investment Grade, High Yield and Sovereign Bonds. You can also filter lists by currency.
  • Bond Search – You can use the Bond Search function to identify Bonds that match your criteria. Search our Bond database by Maturity Date, Coupon % Rate, Rating or a combination of the criteria of your choice.
  • Customised List – Once you have identified attractive bonds that you wish to monitor, you can save them in your own customised list and follow their progress the next time you log on to the system.
  • Income and Reporting Tool – It’s helpful to know how much income your investments generate, the Income Reporting tool makes it easy to view the potential future income from your current investments. Furthermore you can analyse past income generated on your account including income from Funds, ETF’s & Stocks.
  • Live Statistics & Charts – Graphically view your bond ladder, monthly income and maturity ladder as well as your Portfolio Currency distribution, Instrument Type distribution and more!
  • Control Bond Interest – Choose the currency you would like to receive interest in as well as whether you would like to retain interest on account, re-invest it, transfer it to your bank account or have a cheque sent to your address.

Powerful research

We produce in-house research on a variety of bonds. Access our research online or ask us for specific research or bond lists you require.

Track Record

We have been investing in the International Bond Markets since 1972 and have a proven track record. We access the markets in real time, thus ensuring that our clients obtain the fastest execution in the market at any point in time.

Explore the world of Online Trading

Trade Shares, Bonds, ETFS and Funds in over 40 markets.

Explore the world of Online Trading

Trade Shares, Bonds, ETFS and Funds in over 40 markets.

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