Accessing the financial markets has never been easier thanks to our low-cost and clear fee structure with no hidden fees and rates starting from $0.50 per trade on US ETFs and €5.50 on all other exchanges.

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By investing in stocks (equities) you are purchasing shares in a company on the stock market. Investing in stocks has several benefits, some include liquidity, the potential for capital appreciation and a steady stream of income from dividends. We cover over 40 markets and 20,000 instruments.

ExchangeTrade ValueFees
Netherlands (AMS)Up to EUR 500
EUR 500 – EUR 1,000
EUR 1,000 – EUR 2,000
EUR 2,000+
EUR 5.50
EUR 7.00
EUR 8.50
EUR 9.99 / 0.10%
Brussels (BRU)
Germany (GER)
Ireland (DUB)
Spain (LISB)
Italy (MIL)
Paris (PAR)
Vienna (VIE)
Greece (AT)EUR 20.00 / 0.40%
Denmark (CSE)DKK 80.00 / 0.12%
Frankfurt (FTT)EUR 60.00 / 0.35%
Finland (HSE)EUR 9.99 / 0.12%
United Kingdom (LSE SETS)Up to GBP 500
GBP 500 – GBP 1,000
GBP 1,000 – GBP 2,000
GBP 2,000+
GBP 5.50
GBP 7.00
GBP 8.50
GBP 9.99 / 0.10%
London International (IOB)EUR 15.00 / 0.12%
London SEAQ MarketGBP 14.00 / 0.12%
Norway (OSE)NOK 80.00 / 0.12%
Czech Republic (SIBE)CZK 600.00 / 0.12%
Spain (SIBE)EUR 9.99 / 0.12%
Sweden (SSE)SEK 90.00 / 0.12%
Switzerland (SWX)CHF 12.50 / 0.10%
Swiss Virt-X (VX)CHF 12.50 / 0.10%
Poland (WSE)PLN 100.00 / 0.35%
North America
AmexUp to USD 500
USD 500 – USD 1,000
USD 1,000 – USD 2,000
USD 2,000+
USD 0.50
USD 1.00
USD 4.99
USD 9.99 / 0.10%
Nasdaq (NASDAQ), New York Exchange (NYSE), NYSE ARCA, BATS BZX *
US OTC Markets (<$50,000)$30.00
US OTC Markets (>$50,000)0.35%
Canada (TSE) (<$1)CAD 30.00
Canada (TSE) (>$1) CAD 0.0275c per share, min CAD 16.00
TSX Venture Exchange (TSX) (<$1) CAD 16.00
TSX Venture Exchange (TSX) (>$1) CAD 0.0275c per share, min CAD 16.00
Asia – Pacific – Africa
Australia (ASX)AUD 24.00 / 0.12%
Hong Kong (HKEX)HKD 250.00 / 0.24%
Johannesburg (JSE)ZAR 180.00 / 0.40%
Singapore (SGX-ST)SGD 40.00 / 0.25%
Tokyo (TYO)JPY 1,300.00 / 0.20%
* Fractional Shares are available on over 4,000 US Securities. To qualify for low rates stocks generally should have a Market Cap of over 500 Million and a price of over $1.00. Fractional shares are available for EU Residents who reside in countries with US Double tax treaty agreements.

Certain orders may start at $9.99 / 0.1% if one of the following conditions are met:

• Sell orders where the orders were purchased before 11/05/2021.
• Orders for instruments that are not eligible for fractional shares.
• Orders on instruments that are not US Domiciled or where the buyer is not eligible for U.S. tax treaties.

To determine exact fees, a pre-trade preview is shown on the platform.

Exchange Traded Funds

We offer a full range of over 4,000 Exchange Traded Funds and Exchange Traded Commodities which can be traded live on our award winning online trading platform CCTrader. Trading ETFs gives you a simple, low cost and flexible way to access stock and commodity markets internationally.

Easy access to the markets

Trade ETFs on over 40 stock exchanges worldwide in the same way that you trade stocks. ETFs combine the benefits and ease of investing in shares with the advantages of mutual fund investing and ready-made diversification of index tracking.

Versatile, low cost trading

Inverse or Short ETFs replicate the inverse performance of an index or benchmark, offering you the chance to benefit from falling prices. Leveraged ETFs offer a fixed amount of leverage on the performance of an index, usually at a ratio of 2:1 or 3:1. The passive management of ETFs typically results in a low-cost structure relative to traditional funds.


The low cost structure combined with the availability of leveraged or inverse tracking of specific indices or benchmarks, makes ETFs ideal for creating intelligently diversified portfolios.


The listed nature of an ETF provides you with the liquidity and flexibility you need to react to changing market conditions.

Track Record

We have been investing in the International Stock Markets since 1972 and have a proven track record. We access the markets in real time, thus ensuring that our clients obtain the fastest execution in the market at any point in time.

Explore the world of Online Trading

Trade Shares, Bonds, ETFS and Funds in over 40 markets.

Explore the world of Online Trading

Trade Shares, Bonds, ETFS and Funds in over 40 markets.

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