Accessing the financial markets has never been easier thanks to our low-cost and clear fee structure with no hidden fees and rates starting from $0.50 per trade on US Stocks / US ETFs and €5.50 on all other exchanges.

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By investing in stocks (equities) you are purchasing shares in a company on the stock market. Investing in stocks has several benefits, some include liquidity, the potential for capital appreciation and a steady stream of income from dividends. We cover over 40 markets and 20,000 instruments.

ExchangeTrade ValueFees
Netherlands (AMS)Up to €500
€500 – 1,000
€1,000 – 2,000
€9.99 / 0.10%
Brussels (BRU)
Germany (GER)
Ireland (DUB)
Lisbon (LISB)
Malta (MSE)
Italy (MIL)
France (PAR)
Austria (VIE)
Greece (AT)EUR 20.00 / 0.40%
Denmark (CSE)DKK 80.00 / 0.12%
Germany (FTT)EUR 60.00 / 0.35%
Finland (HSE)EUR 9.99 / 0.12%
United Kingdom
Up to £500
£500 – 1,000
£1,000 – 2,000
£9.99 / 0.10%
International (IOB)
EUR 15.00 / 0.12%
London SEAQGBP 14.00 / 0.12%
Malta Certificated (MSE)EUR 15.00 / 0.50%
Norway (OSE)NOK 80.00 / 0.12%
Czech Republic (CZK)CZK 600.00 / 0.12%
Spain (SIBE)EUR 9.99 / 0.12%
Sweden (SSE)SEK 90.00 / 0.12%
Switzerland (SWX)CHF 12.50 / 0.10%
Swiss Virt-X (VX)CHF 12.50 / 0.10%
Poland (WSE)PLN 100.00 / 0.35%
North America
AMEXUp to $500
$500 – 1,000
$1,000 – 2,000
$9.99 / 0.10%
Nasdaq (NASDAQ),
New York (NYSE),
US OTC Markets(<$50,000)$30.00
US OTC Markets (>$50,000)0.35%
Canada (TSE)(<$1)CAD 30.00
Canada (TSE) (>$1)CAD 0.0275c per share
TSX Venture (TSX) (<$1)CAD 30.00
TSX Venture (TSX) (>$1)CAD 0.02c per share
Asia – Pacific – Africa
Australia (ASX)AUD 24.00 / 0.12%
Hong Kong (HKEX)HKD 250.00 / 0.24%
Johannesburg (JSE)ZAR 180.00 / 0.40%
Singapore (SGX-ST)SGD 40.00 / 0.25%
Tokyo (TYO)JPY 1,300.00 / 0.20%
* Fractional Shares are available on over 4,000 US Securities. To qualify for low rates stocks should have a Market Cap of over 500 Million and a price of over $1.00. All other US securities are charged at a minimum fee of $9.99. Fractional shares are available for EU Residents who reside in countries with US Double tax treaty agreements. To determine exact fees, a pre-trade preview is shown on the platform.


We offer live trading of stocks in over 40 markets worldwide. Access thousands of instruments including US, European, Asian and Australian equities.

Stocks Available

We provide easy access to a wide range of global stocks over 40 of the world’s stock exchanges. For the full list of exchanges and trading conditions click here.

Trading Tools

We offer a variety of powerful tools to help you monitor your investments and manage your strategies.

  • Technical analysis tool gives you an overview of your stocks movement and helps manage your strategies.
  • Conditional orders are automatically executed when they meet your criteria and can help to secure gains and limit losses. Preset your entry and exit points. Spend less time monitoring the market, creating and sticking to a strategy.
  • Automatically lock-in gains and limit losses (even when you’re away from your computer) with stop loss orders and contingent orders.
  • Receive live push notifications for trade executions and when price alerts are triggered.
  • Customized Stock Lists allow you to customise your own watch lists and follow progress every time you log on to CC Trader™.

Powerful research

We produce in-house research on a variety of investments. Access our research online or ask us for specific research on stocks, bonds & funds you require.

Track Record

We have been investing in the International Bond Markets since 1972 and have a proven track record. We access the markets in real time, thus ensuring that our clients obtain the fastest execution in the market at any point in time.

Explore the world of Online Trading

Trade Shares, Bonds, ETFS and Funds in over 40 markets.

Explore the world of Online Trading

Trade Shares, Bonds, ETFS and Funds in over 40 markets.

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