Diversify your Investment Portfolio with varied Instruments

  • Equities

    We offer LIVE trading of stocks in the world’s leading markets, including the US, Europe, Asia and Australia.

  • ETFs

    We offer a full range of over 4,000 Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Exchange Traded Commodities (ETCs). Trading ETFs and ETCs online gives you a simple, low cost and flexible way to access stock and commodities markets internationally.

  • Bonds

    We provide our clients with direct access to thousands of Bonds including Eurobonds and Domestic Bonds. Choose from a wide selection of sovereign bonds (Government), corporate bonds and treasury bills in all major currencies.

  • Funds

    We are not tied to a specific fund range, instead we offer our clients access to virtually any fund available on the markets. We provide access to over 9,000 funds including Morningstar’s top-rated funds and every exchange traded fund (ETF) sold on major exchanges.

  • Savings

    Our savings plan offers a reliable and tax efficient way of compounding interest over time. You can open a savings plan from just €40 a month. Pause, resume or top up your account whenever you like. You can even withdraw money from your account with no restrictions.