CC Momumentum Savings Plan with compound interest over time


CC Momentum™ is a flexible savings plan that helps you to save regularly and efficiently by compounding interest over time. This savings plan is ideal for people who want to start saving for retirement, or would like to save for their children as well as those who want to save some money for a particular goal. You can open an account with just €40, and there’s absolutely no lump sum investment needed.

Why Choose Our Savings Plan

  • No Restrictions

    Pause, resume, or even stop the Savings Plan whenever you want. No fees or restrictions. Top up your savings online with one off deposits.

  • Tax Efficient

    CC Momentum Savings Plan is a reliable and tax efficient way of compounding interest over time. Interest and dividends are reinvested automatically gross of any tax.

  • Choose your Investment Strategy

    The savings plan invests in bonds and equities. With the CC Momentum savings plan you are free to choose your preferred strategy. While the dynamic strategy has a better potential for long term growth (75% equities, 25% bonds), the conservative approach (25% equities, 75% bonds) takes a slow and steady approach by investing mainly in bonds and provides steady income. One could also consider the balanced approach which balances both these strategies equally (50% equities, 50% bonds).

  • Monitor Online

    Access your savings account online, via CCTrader.

  • Open an Account in 2 minutes

    You can open an account from just €40. Click here to open an online savings account, fill in your details and submit the online form.

  • Flexible

    Choose how much you want to save each month and change the amount whenever you like online.